Lexus LS is the specimen for Toyota’s self-driving technology

Guardian and Chauffeur are the names of Toyota’s auto and semiautomatic steering systems on the Lexus LS500h.

Toyota’s research institute will introduce prototypes for autonomous and semi-automatic driving systems called P4 at CES 2019 exhibition in Las Vegas. This system is introduced through Lexus LS500h luxury sedan.

To ensure Lexus LS met the requirements of the production, the new generation of Lexus uses Super Sport tires with legal DOT to run on a special brake discs made of high-quality materials. The interior of the car has not been disclosed so far but added the hi-fi sound system, air conditioning and leather seats

The LS500h is mounted with two auto and semi-automatic steering systems that Toyota is developing, the Guardian and Chauffeur. In it, Guardian is responsible for supporting the assistive technologies already available in cars such as braking system, Cruise Control cruise control, lane deviation warning. Chauffeur carries a greater responsibility as a fully self-driving system.

“Chauffeur focuses on the ability to fully automate, in which basic people will no longer own the vehicle,” said Ryan Eustice, vice president of Toyota’s autopilot technology development division. “On the other hand, Guardian was developed to support more people and not substitute tasks.”

The P4 system will add more hardware to the vehicle with four cameras in four directions to provide information about the surrounding environment. The front radar system is modified to have a more comprehensive view of sensors that can detect objects near or far. Scanners using LiDAR technology are placed around to minimize blind spots.

The Guardian and Chauffeur along with the hardware are controlled by an advanced computer system in the trunk of the Lexus display.

Lexus, the famous car manufacturer, did impress the supercar market with its wonder vehicle all over the world.  With the quoted price, Lexus LS is the special car with the rear wheel function. Such function assists the car to run by using the petrol engine with the multi-point injection and two cylinders.

The processor at this back is responsible for reading sensor data and performing continuous calculations. Also, it is necessary for him to process that data as quickly as possible. The computer is powered by a high voltage source, powered by the LS500h hybrid system.

Toyota’s self-driving system was unveiled at CES 2019 and is expected to continue on display at Lexus booth at the North American Detroit auto show later this month.

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