Improving Healthcare Access in North Perth: A Grassroots Movement: Examining Efforts to Enhance Medical Services and Equality in North Perth


In recent years, the North Perth Healthcare Action Coalition has emerged as a powerful grassroots movement in the local community. Comprising local business, community, and healthcare leaders, the coalition is deeply concerned about the future of healthcare in North Perth. In a recent delegation to the North Perth Council, the coalition presented their findings and recommendations, setting in motion a series of actions to address the pressing issue of healthcare access in the region.

A Key Priority for North Perth Council

Following the coalition’s presentation, the North Perth Council recognized the urgency of the situation and directed their staff to take immediate action. One of the major outcomes of this directive was the decision to update the municipality’s strategic plan to highlight healthcare as a key priority. This strategic shift reflects the council’s commitment to addressing the healthcare needs of the local community.

Collaborative Efforts for Physician Recruitment

Recognizing the imminent retirement of several local doctors, the North Perth Council has taken proactive steps to ensure that the healthcare system is adequately staffed to meet the needs of the growing population. To tackle this challenge, the council has participated in the North Perth Physician Recruitment Committee, a collaborative initiative aimed at attracting new physicians to the area. Additionally, the council has committed to making an annual donation to support these recruitment efforts.

Establishing a Healthcare Recruitment Reserve

To further strengthen their commitment to addressing the healthcare workforce shortage, the North Perth Council is proposing the establishment of a Healthcare Recruitment Reserve in the 2024 municipal budget. This reserve will provide the necessary resources to actively recruit and retain healthcare professionals in the region. By investing in the recruitment and retention of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, the council aims to ensure that North Perth residents have access to quality healthcare services.

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Healthcare

In addition to efforts focused on recruitment, the North Perth Council is actively working with the North Perth Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to create an inclusive, welcoming, and engaging community. By fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the council aims to attract healthcare professionals from diverse backgrounds who can better understand and address the unique needs of the local population. This collaborative approach will help create a healthcare system that is responsive and accessible to all residents of North Perth.

Advocating for Local Healthcare Issues

Recognizing the need for broader systemic change, the North Perth Council is actively engaging with provincial leaders to advocate for local healthcare issues. By voicing their concerns, the council aims to bring attention to the challenges faced by the community and work towards implementing new and innovative approaches to healthcare delivery. The council’s willingness to participate in pilot programs and explore alternative solutions demonstrates their commitment to finding sustainable solutions for the long-term benefit of North Perth residents.

Declaring the Fisher Family Healthcare Centre as a Municipal Capital Facility

As part of the recent delegation, the coalition recommended that the Fisher Family Healthcare Centre in Listowel be declared a municipal capital facility. This designation would provide the center with additional support and resources from the municipality, ensuring its continued operation and accessibility for the community. In response, the North Perth Council has directed its staff to investigate this opportunity further and present a report with their findings and recommendations in the future.

Collaboration with Healthcare Partners

Recognizing the importance of collaboration, the North Perth Council is actively working with healthcare partners such as the local hospital, the Family Health Team, and community groups like the Healthcare Action Coalition. Through these partnerships, the council aims to leverage collective expertise and resources to improve healthcare access in North Perth. By aligning efforts and sharing a common goal, these collaborations have the potential to create a more robust and responsive healthcare system for the benefit of all residents.

Addressing Impending Retirements

According to the delegation’s findings, six out of twelve local doctors are expected to retire within the next five years. This impending wave of retirements poses a significant challenge to the healthcare system in North Perth, as it will impact over 9,000 patients. To mitigate the impact of these retirements, the council recognizes the need to attract and onboard new doctors. Based on estimates, approximately eleven to twelve new doctors will be needed to replace the retirees and maintain the necessary level of healthcare service for the community.

Considering Population Growth

It is important to note that these retirement estimates do not account for the record-setting population growth experienced by North Perth in recent years. As the population continues to expand, the demand for healthcare services will likely increase. The North Perth Council acknowledges the need to proactively plan for this growth and ensure that healthcare resources are adequately scaled to meet the evolving needs of the community. By considering population growth in their strategic planning, the council demonstrates their commitment to future-proofing healthcare access in North Perth.


The North Perth Healthcare Action Coalition’s delegation to the North Perth Council has sparked a series of actions aimed at improving healthcare access in the region. From updating the strategic plan to prioritizing healthcare, to collaborating with healthcare partners and advocating for local healthcare issues, the council is taking a comprehensive approach to address the challenges ahead. By working together, the council, community, and healthcare leaders in North Perth are laying the foundation for a more inclusive, accessible, and responsive healthcare system that will benefit residents for years to come.

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