Why Tesla is Cancelling Model 3 Performance Orders in Australia

Tesla, the renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, recently made headlines in Australia as prospective owners of the flagship Performance variant of the Tesla Model 3 had their orders cancelled. This unexpected turn of events has left many potential buyers perplexed and wondering about the fate of the Model 3 Performance in the Australian market. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind these cancellations and explore the alternative options being offered by Tesla to affected customers.

The Cancellation of Model 3 Performance Orders

Several members of the Tesla Owners Australia Facebook group reported that their orders for the Model 3 Performance were unexpectedly cancelled. Tesla issued a message to these customers, stating that the Performance variant was currently unavailable, and they would be unable to fulfill their Model 3 order. This announcement left many enthusiasts disappointed and seeking clarification on the future availability of the Model 3 Performance in Australia.

Alternative Options for Prospective Buyers

In light of the cancellation of Model 3 Performance orders, Tesla is offering affected customers the opportunity to choose an alternate vehicle from their lineup. One potential option is the larger Model Y Performance SUV, which provides a similar level of performance and electric driving experience. Additionally, customers can opt to order the updated Model 3 RWD or Long Range variants instead. For those who are eager to get behind the wheel of a Model 3 Performance sooner, Tesla has pre-update models available in their inventory, with the current inventory limited to Queensland.

Uncertainty Surrounding Model 3 Performance

The cancellation of Model 3 Performance orders has raised questions about the future of this variant in Australia. It remains unclear whether Tesla plans to introduce the Performance model at a later date, following the release of the updated RWD and Long Range variants, or if the Performance variant is being discontinued altogether. To shed light on this matter, we reached out to Tesla Australia for further clarification and will update this article once we receive a response.

The Updated Tesla Model 3

While the fate of the Model 3 Performance hangs in the balance, it is essential to note that the updated Tesla Model 3 is still available for order in Australia. The Model 3 RWD variant is priced at $61,900 before on-road costs, while the Model 3 Long Range variant starts at $71,900 before on-road costs. Both models are projected to begin arriving between January and March 2024.

Performance and Features

The Long Range variant of the updated Model 3 boasts impressive acceleration, with a 0-100km/h time of 4.4 seconds. Although it is 1.1 seconds slower than the Performance variant, it still delivers an exhilarating driving experience.

When it comes to design, the new Model 3 features a sleeker front design with a simplified lower section compared to its predecessor. Under the hood, the updated Model 3 is equipped with a revised suspension setup, including new springs, dampers, and subframe mounting points, designed to enhance comfort during the ride.

Interior Upgrades

Inside the cabin, the new Model 3 is equipped with an upgraded front screen that retains the same 15-inch dimensions and processor as the previous model. Notably, the steering wheel has undergone a transformation, eliminating the need for column stalks to control indicators or cruise control. Instead, capacitive touch buttons are integrated into the steering wheel for a more streamlined experience.

Passengers in the rear seats are treated to an 8.0-inch display, allowing them to control media and climate settings. Additionally, rear passengers have access to air vents and USB-C ports for added convenience during their journey.

Colors and Wheels

Tesla has expanded the color palette for the updated Model 3, introducing two new options: Stealth Grey and Ultra Red. These colors offer customers a wider range of choices to personalize their vehicles. Furthermore, the updated Model 3 comes standard with new 18-inch alloy wheels, with the option to upgrade to 19-inch alloy wheels for an additional cost of $1800.

Interior Customization and Enhanced Autopilot

Tesla continues to offer a choice between white and black interiors for the updated Model 3, allowing customers to select the option that best suits their preferences. Additionally, Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving capabilities, which are still in development, remain available as optional features for those seeking a more advanced driving experience.


While the cancellation of Model 3 Performance orders in Australia has caused disappointment among prospective buyers, Tesla is offering alternative options to satisfy their customers’ needs. The updated Tesla Model 3, available in RWD and Long Range variants, provides an exceptional electric driving experience with enhanced features and performance. As the future availability of the Model 3 Performance remains uncertain, Tesla enthusiasts eagerly await further updates from the company. In the meantime, Australian customers can explore the available options and experience the innovative technology and sustainability offered by Tesla’s lineup of electric vehicles.

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