What to Know about Toyota S-FR

Not all products in the conceptualized process have a good endorsement from the first time it comes out. Nonetheless, the concept of Toyota S-FR, a lightweight roadster, receives much attention and many compliments from the fan.

What is so great about it? And when it is out? Find out here in our article.

Toyota Sports Cars

Toyota was first started with lines of passenger car and truck. Their famous lines were the Corolla and Land Cruiser.

One was favored for its family-friendly design, suitable for the general public who wants to look for a cool sporty design but with comfortable seats. The other had a rougher look and was transformed from prototype truck to the beloved SUV.

However, they decided to step up the game and join the sports cars market in the mid-20th century. Here are several lines of this kind over the history marking Toyota’s development milestones:

  • Sports 800 – lightweight and use less low fuel than many at the time
  • 2000GT – impressive design with pop-up headlights
  • Celica – impressive sales number in 35 years lifetime
  • Supra – slender design but powerful engine
  • Corolla – biggest success featured in film and drift shows
  • MR2 – compact and fun design with the return of pop-up headlights
  • GT86 – powerful engine, smart design, and fun ride

Staying close to their mission of making dream cars into reality and creating top 21st century compact cars, the ideas for a light-weight sports car like Toyota S-FR were shaped.

Its concept was first introduced to the public in 2015, in the 44th Tokyo Motor Show. Together with FT-1, Toyota S-FR is expected to be the future of Toyota sports cars.

Toyota S-FR Concept

Inherited the concepts of lightweight Sports 800 and fun-to-ride GT86, the Toyota S-FR was introduced with splendid exterior and a completely ordinary, no complex interior. It is the car to make people “fall in love with driving again”; easy to drive and customize.

Exterior Design

On the outside, Toyota S-FR’s design is typical with a long hood, short overhangs, and wide stance. But it promises a fun experience for the driver.

What could be better than zipping through the bustling city streets with this compact sports car? The wheels are at the appropriate size to run on public streets and round flat lights improving the smooth surface of the car.

The lemon yellow paint covered the car complemented by the rounded shape, fish-mouth grille also gives a refreshing and modern feeling; a perfect look to target the young drivers.

Interior Design

The inside of Toyota S-FR has a purposely simple design to make it a straightforward driving experience with an easy-to-understand, fully digital instrument panel.

The car is also equipped with a navigation and air conditioner controller on the side of the digital panel and a lever parking brake, which is perfect for drift and side turns.

And you cannot look away from the comfortable semi-bucket sports seats at the front. The seats along with other interiors complete the sporty and refreshing theme, decorated with yellow accent and black shades.


Its mechanism including a front midship engine (F for short), rear-wheel drive (R for short), optimal weight distribution, and a front strut and double wishbone rear suspension makes it possible for brilliant cornering performance.

This model focuses on the smooth drive but also is quick to respond to the drivers’ steering by equipping a good handler giving a real sense of controlling car movements.


When Toyota first showcased this lightweight sports car line in Tokyo Motor Show 2015, they also gave out some details of the concepts, which can be found in their newsroom on the Japanese site:

  • Transmission: 6 speed, manual
  • Total length: 3.990 m
  • Full width: 1. 695 m
  • Average height: 1.32 m
  • Wheelbase: 2.48 m
  • Riding capacity: 4 people
  • Door: coupe

But except for that, there have been no further official announcements from Toyota on global news. All of the fans are looking for every bit of information about this adorable new ride, and this is the speculations that have been going around, claimed to be taken from a credible inside source.

Toyota S-FR is presumed to have the direct injection, 1.5 liters inline four-cylinder dual-overhead cam engine (2NR-FKE) with a high compression ratio at 13.5 and a 4-2-1 type exhaust.

This engine can produce an amount of energy equals to 38% of input fuel, reaching 109 ps and maximum torque of 13.9 kgf.m. The fine tune version is expected to go up to 130 ps and 15.1 kgf.m.
Other details are:

  • Weight: 980 kg
  • Fuel consumption: 20 km/l, regular gasoline
  • Price: Equivalent to about US$ 10,000 at the time it was introduced, which can be the lowest price among the lightweight roadster

Is Toyota S-FR Going To Come Out In The Near Future?

Remarked by some as an entry-level which is ready to go right into production when it first came out, the launching of Toyota S-FR is not yet to be in sight.

There is currently no official news from the Toyota side, but the talk is still spreading among the fans who love this concept, especially with the good news from the other two Toyota sports cars.

The new Supra and the upcoming 86 models stir up the talk about the third lines in this family of three brothers, and many guess it is the Toyota S-FR. It is also expected to be in the Tokyo Motor Show 2019.

But will it be another concept or one that can be commercialized? At least, we know, that the launching of Toyota S-FR is no sooner than 2020.

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