Toyota Prius 2019 is sportier and more special than with the TRD version

Released less than a month, Toyota Prius 2019 continues to be upgraded by TRD racing development department with a series of details to increase aerodynamics and sports.

Although the Toyota Prius is not a sports car, many customers want the car to have a bit more pit. To meet that demand, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) racing development division has launched a series of exterior upgrades for the Prius 2019. As a result, the model has just been launched earlier this month at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Currently, TRD only releases this sports body kit in the Japanese market. This kit focuses on upgrading the appearance of the Prius with the chrome-plated front bumper, door sill, bumper and aerodynamic diffuser, spoiler with a new two-tone mirror panel. Even door handles are renewed with carbon interior.

Besides, this accessory set also includes a diffuser on the rear glass, dual exhaust pipes and decorative details that make the Prius a sporty and sporty personality. Customers can also choose aluminum alloy rims ranging in size from 15 to 18 inches.

Toyota Prius 2019 has a number of upgrades, notably sequential gearbox new F1. The new transmission power transmitted from the engine to the rear drive wheels, making the car accelerates 0-100km/h takes 3 seconds and a maximum speed electronically limited at 375km/h.

Details in the standard TRD body kit are painted black in contrast to the exterior white paint – the characteristic color of TRD. However, customers can optionally color other body kit mentioned above. The details of this body kit were calculated by TRD using fluid dynamics simulation software (CFD). As a result, Prius TRD 2019 has higher aerodynamics than the standard version.

Besides, the electronic controller allows developing three power modes corresponding to operating mode: the 650 horsepower with wet mode; at 850 horsepower with standard sport mode and the 1,104 horsepower to the race mode.

Inside the car, the cabin of Toyota Prius TRD also received some slight changes such as: Start / Stop-start button with TRD logo, sun visor and luggage bag from TRD.

TRD does not interfere with the dynamics of the Toyota Prius 2019. However, this part has equipped the Prius with two bodywork balance bars as well as reinforcement bars for the chassis system. These parts are sold separately at the cost of 724 USD and 543 USD.

Toyota Prius TRD 2019 will be available at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 auto show in January. The 2019 Toyota Prius standard is equipped with hybrid dynamics with a 4-cylinder gasoline engine 1.8L combined with an electric motor that powers the rear wheels to operate. This engine comes with CVT gearless gearbox and 4-wheel drive system AWD-e.

Toyota has not announced plans to distribute Prius TRD in the US. Many expect this sports car to be available in the US next year after the Prius 2019 is sold for $ 27,300.

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