Toyota launched a super-self-driving car at CES 2019

This model was developed on the Lexus LS platform, new and fully automated.

At CES 2019, Toyota Research Institute will demonstrate the prototype P4, a high-tech vehicle equipped with new self-propelled technology. P4 has two separate autonomous modes: Guardian and Chauffeur.

Toyota presented the CES 2019, including more torque, horsepower and speed to one of the quickest autos, thanks to the special turbochargers. With such design, this car may offer you the diverse rear and front fenders as long as a marginally distinctive streamlined bundle.

Guardian is the fundamental mode still needs the driver’s intervention but not completely replaced. Japanese automaker did not reveal much, but it seems that Guardian is a semi-automatic steering system equipped with advanced driving assistive technologies.

Meanwhile, Chauffeur is more advanced, fully automatic and without drivers. Toyota says this mode can be activated in any driving environment, or it can be used for areas where the map was previously available.

Lexus LS was selected to develop on the chassis and new steering control technology, giving better maneuverability, quick response and smoother steering when in auto mode, Toyota said.

Based on the experience gained from the previous Platform 3.0 prototype, P4 uses the same LIDAR sensor system with eight different scanning heads. The car is also equipped with two cameras and two new image sensors both before and after. In addition to the camera and secondary sensors, the P4 also upgraded the radar system for better proximity detection.

Toyota’s new P4 prototype is also upgraded with a computer system, enabling faster computing, better response, and using machine learning algorithms and the ability to self-study over time.

The P4 prototype will be put into production this spring. Toyota will announce more information about the Guardian mode on January 7 here at CES 2019.

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