Toyota Corolla hybrid 2020 – the Prius in Corolla form

The EPA’s rating score for the Corolla hybrid is currently unavailable, but Toyota thinks the car can achieve an overall fuel consumption of 5.6 liters / 100km.

Having been around for decades, Toyota decided to renew the Corolla model. First, this version of Corolla iM was upgraded to become the Corolla hatchback. And at the 2018 auto show taking place in Los Angeles, the Japanese automaker has released the hybrid Corolla hybrid 2020.

With the curved design, you may find the common outlook characteristics between Toyota Corolla and Prius. Besides, the flashy tires along with rims bring a dynamic and exotic impression to the car.

The sedan will be powered by Toyota’s exclusive Hybrid Synergy Drive like the Prius, combining two electric motors with 1.8-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine via automatic transmission. The car provides flexibility and smoothness when driving on narrow roads in the city.

One of the important features distinguished Toyota Corolla hybrid 2020 with other cars is its special engine while operating. The car owns a superior braking and handling system. Its interior design is assessed as efficient and ingenious.

Toyota has always focused on the improvement of sustainable vehicles, increased the comfortable feeling when driving. Unlike the regular Prius, the electric power of the car is provided by nickel metal hydride batteries under the rear seat, similar to the Prius AWD-e. Toyota thinks this design will save space as well as lower the car’s focus.

The Corolla hybrid also has a fully electric EV mode, allowing users to customize it into a real electric vehicle easily. This car is equipped the efficient engines, the exceptionally most recent innovation and lower costs than the predecessor.

The diesel engine provides the strong performance, refinement and economy. The remark of its petrol is the turbo which may impress the consumers with the smooth performance.

The company has some driving modes to optimize the energy consumption of the vehicle. The method usually allows the car to automatically adjust engine performance and acceleration depending on the signal from the pedal. There is also a battery saving mode and maximum sports mode of the car’s capacity.

The Corolla hybrid has an Entune 3.0 entertainment system with 8-inch touchscreen pre-installed Apple Carplay, Amazon Alexa virtual assistant with full voice recognition. This vehicle is also equipped with Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 system with the ability to control the cruise, lane warning, lane clinging, steering assistance, brake warning of accidents and identification of traffic signs.

One of the unique features of the hybrid is the 15-inch wheels that have solid aluminum rims and friction-resistant tires. It also has a 7-inch screen that allows users to control all parameters and drive more efficiently.

With its beautiful design, the Toyota Corolla brings a sophisticated and elegant style. The power of the engine shows a strong performance, whilst fuel efficiency is one of the advantages of this car.

The EPA’s rating score for the Corolla hybrid is currently unavailable, but Toyota thinks the car can achieve an overall fuel consumption of 5.6 liters / 100km.

Toyota cars are rated as the best car in the world in 2018 by Consumer Reports’ poll. This car brand attracts the consumer by many luxury cars and is a symbol of success. Besides, the durability is also a constitutive element making the Toyota brand. All of them explain well for the huge expectation of the upcoming Corolla.

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