The Toyota’s self-driving car in the future

Two future self-driving concept cars are introduced by Toyota Boshoku at CES 2019 in last January.

The first concept of Toyota car named ACES (Active Comfort Engaging Space), was designed for self-driving vehicles of level 4. This is not the highest self-driving option, so there is still no steering wheel installed.

However, what ACES expressed is still very breakthrough. The clock cluster is projected on the control panel. You can see the appearance of the traditional infotainment system. Also, there are the camera rearview mirror for good visibility in all weather conditions and two control units moving right in the front row.

Toyota doesn’t talk much about the control unit, only revealing that ACES will be equipped with a unique detection system for the gesture and body. It is a combination of camera and seat sensor, helping to detect movement of the face, size, and style of a driver. Seat and seat belt will automatically adjust to fit his body shape and provide him the most comfortable feeling.

With this amazing car, you will no longer have to worry of driving in tough conditions. When you go alone in a long distance, it lets you take some time to rest and relax, avoiding any potential accidents. That will somewhat reduces the rates of people dying of car crushes.

ACES also enhances new levels of comfort when equipped with a special personal air conditioning system. This system will monitor the temperature around each person on the vehicle. For example, if the front person feels cold, the temperature around that person will increase but not affect other positions.

As with many modern concepts, ACES uses an emotional sensor system to determine the mood of the owner. Thereby, the car adjusts the appropriate lighting system, automatically scenting the aroma to soothe the people if they feel stress.

Because the driver still needs to interact with the vehicle to some extent, ACES is equipped with an active driver activation system. If the sensor detects a sleepy driver, the car will play music or activate vibrate mode to help him wake up again.

In addition to ACES, Toyota Boshoku also introduced another concept called Moox. This is a comprehensive self-driving vehicle, combining mobile and cubic design. Naturally, this model does not have a steering wheel because it does not need the driver.

Toyota did not disclose much about this concept, saying that it supports a variety of services, from business to entertainment. The seats can be arranged, changed flexibly and all have their own functions. You may arrange the seat to have a snap easily. How amazing it is!

Also, passengers on the car can attend online meeting and perform video chat on the move. It is very convenient for us as we will not lose any time waiting in traffic jam or in transit. Somehow the designed Toyota’s self-driving car relates to a small and convertible meeting room. You can discuss and work everywhere at ease.

To sum up, this innovation of Toyota indeed raises a new hope in the heart of car lovers. Now we have more time to do other things indeed of busy driving to carry objects or people. However, the way to apply this product in the real life can be not as simple as you may imagine. But it will worth your try.

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