The Future of Mini: Exploring New Models and Reviving Iconic Classics

The iconic Mini brand has always been synonymous with urban mobility, smart design, and fun driving experiences. With the recent launch of the new Mini Cooper and Mini Countryman, as well as the upcoming Aceman, Mini is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, Mini is actively exploring the possibility of introducing additional models to its lineup, including a seven-seater and a revival of the beloved Moke or a similar utilitarian-style vehicle.

Mini’s Vision for the Future

Mini’s global boss, Stefanie Wurst, believes that there are endless possibilities for future Mini models. With the brand’s strong reputation and commitment to urban mobility, Mini is open to exploring new concepts and body types that align with its core values. Wurst mentioned the Urbanaut concept, which Mini unveiled in November 2020, as an example of the brand’s willingness to push boundaries and think outside the box.

The Potential for a Seven-Seater

One of the potential additions to the Mini lineup is a seven-seater model. While details are scarce at this stage, Wurst hinted at the possibility of expanding the seating capacity beyond the current models. The Urbanaut concept, with its lounge-like interior and two benches facing each other, provides a glimpse into what a larger seating capacity Mini could look like. This opens up exciting opportunities for families and those seeking a Mini with more passenger space.

Reviving the Moke or a Utilitarian-Style Vehicle

Another exciting prospect for Mini enthusiasts is the revival of the Moke or a similar utilitarian-style vehicle. The Moke, a compact and rugged vehicle originally produced in the 1960s, gained popularity as a versatile and fun mode of transportation. Wurst expressed interest in exploring the potential for a modern-day Moke that aligns with the Mini brand’s values. This type of vehicle would not only appeal to Mini enthusiasts but also cater to the growing demand for rugged and adventurous vehicles in markets like China and the United States.

Differentiating from BMW and Avoiding Cannibalization

As Mini considers expanding its model lineup, one of the key challenges is differentiating its offerings from those of its parent company, BMW. Mini aims to avoid cannibalization by ensuring that any future Mini models have distinct features and appeal to a different target audience. This differentiation is crucial to maintaining the unique brand identity that Mini has cultivated over the years.

The Shift to Pure Electric

Looking ahead, Mini is committed to embracing electric mobility and plans to phase out internal combustion engines by 2030. This aligns with the global trend towards sustainability and a greener future. Mini’s future models, including the potential seven-seater and revived Moke, will undoubtedly be part of the brand’s vision for a pure electric lineup. Electric Mini models not only offer environmental benefits but also provide a thrilling driving experience with instant torque and zero emissions.


The future of Mini looks promising, with the brand exploring new models and considering the revival of iconic classics like the Moke. The potential addition of a seven-seater model demonstrates Mini’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its customers. As Mini continues to differentiate itself from BMW and embraces electric mobility, the brand is poised to remain a leader in urban mobility, offering smart and fun vehicles that capture the essence of Mini’s heritage. So, buckle up and get ready for an exciting journey with Mini as they pave the way for the future of urban mobility.

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