The Bono-Approved Fiat 500 (RED) Edition: A Symbol of Rebirth and Recovery


In the 1920s, Fiat revolutionized the automotive industry with its futuristic factory in Turin. Now, in the silent 2020s, Fiat is embarking on an ambitious journey to recovery, using an emission-free auto-industrial roadmap to tackle health crises, both for the planet and its poorest countries. The latest addition to Fiat’s lineup is the Bono-approved Fiat 500 (RED) edition, symbolizing a new era of rebirth and recovery in the age of climate crisis and Covid-19.

A Century of Innovation and Glamour

Fiat, short for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, was founded by pioneering industrialist Giovanni Agnelli 122 years ago. In 1923, Fiat opened its iconic Lingotto headquarters, a reinforced concrete factory that was considered a giant leap into the future. The Lingotto factory was not only large but also stylish, rivaling its American counterparts. It featured a rooftop test track, five storeys up, which became one of the most impressive sights in the industry.

Lingotto: From Factory to Cultural Hub

After the closure of the Lingotto factory in 1982, renowned architect Renzo Piano transformed the building into a shopping center, hotel, and cultural hub. Standing 34m above the test track, a crystal spaceship-like structure houses paintings from the Agnelli family’s art collection, including works by Renoir, Manet, Picasso, and Modigliani. The Lingotto rooftop is now home to Casa 500, a brand-new museum dedicated to Fiat’s iconic Cinquecento, and La Pista 500, the largest hanging garden in Europe.

The Importance of the Cinquecento

The Cinquecento, or Fiat 500, holds significant cultural importance in Italy. Designed by Dante Giacosa, this runabout was produced between 1957 and 1975, symbolizing Italy’s post-war economic miracle and allowing millions to embrace La Dolce Vita. It holds a special place in the national psyche, akin to pizza, Forza Azzurri, and Sophia Loren.

Fiat’s Shift Towards Sustainability

Fiat, now part of the Stellantis group, is aligning itself with the growing global focus on the environment, sustainability, and health. With the all-new 500, Fiat offers the sexiest small electric vehicle (EV) on the market, designed with recycled materials. The Lingotto rooftop, once a symbol of pollution, has been transformed into a garden with 40,000 flora and fauna, making it the longest hanging garden in Europe.

The (RED) Partnership

In a groundbreaking move, Fiat has partnered with (RED), the ethical capitalism movement co-founded by U2 frontman Bono. (RED) raises funds to combat health injustices, initially focusing on AIDS in Africa and now expanding its efforts to fight against Covid-19. By joining forces with (RED), Fiat aims to contribute to the delivery of vaccines, therapeutics, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to the world’s poorest countries.

The (RED) Edition Fiat 500

The (RED) edition of the Fiat 500 will be available in unlimited quantities, featuring a striking red color. Additional color options include grey, white, and black. The interior showcases a red driver’s seat, while the passenger seats are black. This special edition embodies the marriage of ethics and aesthetics, with an emphasis on sustainability and the urgent need to combat global health crises.

The Symbolism of Red

Red has always been an iconic color for Fiat, symbolizing fire, combustion, and burning ambition. The decision to launch the (RED) edition in red holds great significance. It represents Fiat’s commitment to be as green as possible while supporting (RED)’s fight against pandemics and the injustices they perpetuate. By purchasing the (RED) edition, customers not only own a remarkable red car but also contribute to a greater cause.

Unveiling the (RED) Edition

The announcement of the (RED) edition was kept under wraps until the opening of Casa 500 museum and La Pista 500 park. A select group, including dignitaries, executives, Agnelli family members, and media, were invited to witness the unveiling. Among the attendees was Bono, whose personal connection to Fiat made his presence particularly meaningful. Bono’s first car was a Fiat, and his admiration for the brand stems from its role in providing jobs and giving life to people after World War II.

A Powerful Partnership

The collaboration between Fiat and (RED) marks a significant milestone, as (RED) had never previously worked with a car company. By joining forces, Fiat, Jeep, and Ram (all part of the Stellantis group) will contribute a minimum of $4 million to (RED)’s Global Fund over three years. This partnership amplifies the impact of (RED)’s mission and demonstrates Fiat’s dedication to making a positive difference in the world.

Looking Towards a More Sustainable and Inclusive Future

Fiat’s journey towards a more sustainable and inclusive future extends beyond selling cars. The company aims to cultivate a sense of care and attention towards climate, community, and culture. The Lingotto rooftop, once a symbol of pollution, is now an open garden accessible to the people of Turin. This transformation symbolizes Fiat’s shift towards a more conscious, inclusive, and sustainable approach.


The Bono-approved Fiat 500 (RED) edition represents more than just a remarkable red car. It symbolizes Fiat’s commitment to sustainability, the fight against global health crises, and the pursuit of a more conscious and inclusive future. With its innovative design, use of recycled materials, and partnership with (RED), Fiat is driving towards a greener and brighter future. By choosing the (RED) edition, customers not only embrace style and performance but also contribute to a greater cause. Fiat’s journey of rebirth and recovery continues, rooted in its storied history and propelled by its vision for a better world.

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