Tesla Model Y vs Kia EV6: A Comprehensive Comparison

Tesla Model Y vs Kia EV6: A Comprehensive Comparison


The electric vehicle (EV) market is booming, and two highly anticipated models, the Tesla Model Y and the Kia EV6, are set to make waves in 2022. In this comprehensive comparison, we will analyze the key features, specifications, and driving experiences of these two EVs. Both vehicles offer compelling options for consumers looking to make the switch to electric mobility. So, let’s dive in and see how these contenders stack up against each other.

Price and Specs

At the entry-level, the Tesla Model Y RWD and the Kia EV6 Air RWD compete head-to-head in terms of pricing. Initially priced at $68,900, the Model Y RWD saw a price increase to $72,300, while the EV6 Air RWD remains at $67,900. Despite the price increase, the Tesla still competes closely with the Kia EV6 in terms of cost.

In terms of specifications, the Kia EV6 Air RWD features a single electric motor producing 168kW of power and 350Nm of torque. It is equipped with a 77.4kWh battery pack, offering a claimed driving range of up to 528 kilometers. On the other hand, the Tesla Model Y RWD promises a quicker acceleration time of 6.9 seconds from 0 to 100km/h and a higher top speed of 213km/h. However, its advertised driving range falls short at 455 kilometers.

Design and Interior

The Tesla Model Y and the Kia EV6 have distinct design approaches. The Model Y features a coupe-like silhouette with a large glass area, giving it a spacious and airy feel. Its minimalist interior design, borrowed from the Model 3, offers a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. However, some find its 15-inch central touchscreen, which controls most functions, to be distracting and hard to read.

In contrast, the Kia EV6 has a longer and lower profile, with a more futuristic and vibrant design. Its interior is filled with tech-forward features, including a curved dual-12.3-inch display screen, which gives it a more immersive and stylish feel. The EV6’s cabin is also more intuitive to use, striking a balance between futuristic design and familiar functionality.

Space and Storage

Both the Tesla Model Y and the Kia EV6 offer seating for five passengers. The Model Y’s high roofline and expansive glass area create a sense of spaciousness, although its cabin is not as roomy as the EV6. The EV6’s lower seating position and cosier ambience provide a more comfortable and intimate experience.

When it comes to storage, the Tesla Model Y takes the lead with a generous 854 liters of cargo space, along with a front trunk (frunk) capacity of 117 liters. In comparison, the Kia EV6 offers a decent 490 liters of cargo space and a frunk capacity of 52 liters. The Model Y also features a powered rear seat stowage and an electric tailgate, adding convenience to its already impressive storage capabilities.

On the Road: Performance and Driving Experience

When it comes to performance, the Kia EV6 Air RWD may not be a firecracker, but its progressive thrust is ample for everyday driving. Its responsive acceleration allows for instant gap-plugging and overtaking maneuvers. The EV6’s four-stage brake regeneration system provides flexibility in adjusting regenerative braking levels to suit different driving conditions.

The Tesla Model Y RWD, on the other hand, offers swifter acceleration and a sportier driving experience. Its two drive modes, Chill and Normal, provide cooperative and flexible calibrations that negate the need for driver-selectable regen. However, some find the Model Y’s ride to be firm and fidgety, especially around town, while the EV6 offers a more comfortable and refined ride quality.

Battery, Charging, and Range

In terms of battery capacity and driving range, the Kia EV6 Air RWD outperforms the Tesla Model Y RWD. The EV6 is equipped with a 77.4kWh battery pack, which offers a claimed driving range of up to 528 kilometers. On the other hand, the Model Y has a smaller battery capacity of around 60-66kWh, resulting in a lower advertised driving range of 455 kilometers.

During real-world testing, the EV6 demonstrated superior potential range, with onboard logging indicating a projected range of 478 kilometers. In contrast, the Model Y’s projected real-world range fell short at around 334 kilometers. However, it’s worth noting that Tesla’s proprietary Supercharger network gives it a significant advantage in terms of convenience and accessibility to fast-charging stations.

Safety and Features

Both the Tesla Model Y and the Kia EV6 offer a range of safety features. The EV6 boasts additional safety features, such as intersection autonomous emergency braking (AEB), rear-cross traffic alert, and exit warning, which are not offered on the Tesla. It’s also worth mentioning that the EV6 is the only vehicle in this comparison to have received a five-star ANCAP safety rating.

In terms of additional features, the Tesla Model Y comes standard with Autopilot semi-autonomy, including adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist. It also offers an Enhanced Autopilot option for an additional cost, which adds features like Navigate on Autopilot and Autopark. The EV6, on the other hand, offers a 3.6kW vehicle-to-load facility, allowing users to power appliances and devices in the car on the go.

Price and Value Proposition

When considering the overall price and value proposition, the Kia EV6 Air RWD emerges as the more affordable option. With a starting price of $67,900 and potential state rebates, the EV6 offers a compelling package. Additionally, Kia’s seven-year warranty, which surpasses Tesla’s four-year warranty, provides added peace of mind for EV owners.


In this head-to-head comparison between the Tesla Model Y and the Kia EV6, both EVs showcase impressive features and performance. While the Tesla offers a sportier driving experience and the convenience of the Supercharger network, the Kia EV6 excels in overall comfort, intuitive design, and safety features. Additionally, the EV6’s superior potential range and more affordable price make it an attractive choice for consumers.

Ultimately, the decision between these two EVs will come down to personal preferences and priorities. Whether you prioritize performance, convenience, or overall value, both the Tesla Model Y and the Kia EV6 offer compelling options in the competitive EV market. So, take a test drive and see which one suits your needs and lifestyle best. Happy electrified motoring!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on publicly available sources and personal opinions. Please refer to the official manufacturer websites for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the Tesla Model Y and the Kia EV6.

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