The luxury SUV market has a new contender, and it’s none other than the highly anticipated 2023 Porsche Cayenne. Boasting a comprehensive facelift and a range of new features, this third iteration of the Cayenne is set to make waves in the automotive world. In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting details of the new Porsche Cayenne, from its pricing and specifications to its updated design, interior technology, and powerful engine options.

Pricing and Specifications

The new Porsche Cayenne is now available for order, with prices starting at £70,400 for the base V6 version. This model offers an impressive 353hp, allowing for a 0-60mph acceleration in just 5.7 seconds and a top speed of 154 mph. Additionally, all Cayenne models come with 20-inch alloy wheels, electric heated seats, Matrix LED headlights, and a reversing camera as standard.

For those seeking a more eco-friendly option, the Cayenne E-Hybrid is priced from £79,800. This variant utilizes the same V6 engine as the standard model but incorporates an electric motor, resulting in a boosted power output of 470hp and a quicker 0-60mph time of 4.6 seconds. The plug-in hybrid capability allows for an impressive electric range of up to 56 miles.

If a V8 engine is what you desire, the Cayenne S fits the bill. Equipped with a 4.0-litre eight-cylinder engine, it delivers a powerful 474hp and can accelerate from 0-60mph in just 4.7 seconds. With its more aggressive styling cues, the Cayenne S truly embodies the spirit of performance. However, this top-of-the-range model comes with a higher price tag of £84,400.

For those interested in the S E-Hybrid model, it retains the V6 engine found in the standard plug-in hybrid variant but offers a combined output of 519hp and a 0-60mph time of 4.4 seconds. Remarkably, this added performance does not compromise the electric range, as the S E-Hybrid can still travel up to 56 miles on electric power alone. However, this enhanced performance does come with a higher price of £87,100.

Finally, the pinnacle of the Cayenne lineup is the Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid. Priced at £130,200, this model stands as the most powerful Cayenne ever produced. Under the hood lies a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine paired with an electric motor, generating a combined output of 739hp and 950Nm of torque. With a 0-60mph time of just 3.7 seconds, this Cayenne variant offers exhilarating performance. Furthermore, it can be equipped with the GT Package, which features suspension upgrades from the Cayenne Turbo GT, including specific front bearings and a 10mm lower ride height.

Exterior Design

The new Porsche Cayenne showcases a refreshed exterior design while maintaining its distinctive and iconic silhouette. The front end receives new wings, a redesigned bonnet, and updated headlights, with Matrix LED units now standard across the range. The bumper has also been revised, featuring larger and more square air intakes, lending a more aggressive appearance to the SUV.

Moving along the side profile, the Cayenne retains its familiar proportions. Customers can choose between the classic SUV model or the sportier Coupe variant, which boasts a sleek sloping roofline. Alloy wheels start at 20 inches, with the option to upgrade to 21- or 22-inch alloys for an even more striking presence. At the rear, the Cayenne sports new 3D-effect taillights and a redesigned lower bumper. Quad tailpipes are standard, while the Coupe model receives an elegant ducktail spoiler on the tailgate.

Interior and Infotainment

Step inside the new Porsche Cayenne, and you’ll find a completely redesigned interior that exudes luxury and modernity. The driver is greeted by a steering wheel borrowed from the Porsche 911 sports car, adding a touch of sportiness to the SUV. Behind the wheel sits a curved 12.3-inch digital driver’s display, reminiscent of the one found in the Porsche Taycan. This advanced display replaces the traditional analogue rev counter, offering a sleek and futuristic aesthetic.

The gear selector has been relocated to the dashboard, a feature inspired by the Taycan as well. This change creates additional space in the center console, which now houses a wireless charging pad for smartphones and a new set of climate controls with silver switches. Speaking of climate control, the Cayenne boasts a clever air quality system that can detect when the vehicle is approaching a tunnel and automatically switches to recirculated air. The inclusion of a dust sensor further enhances the cabin’s air quality.

The infotainment system in the new Cayenne remains a 12.3-inch display, but it now offers integration with popular apps such as Spotify and Apple Music. Additionally, a new optional 10.9-inch passenger display is available, allowing the front passenger to interact with the infotainment system, set the navigation, and even stream videos. To ensure driver safety, the passenger display features a special film covering that prevents it from being visible from the driver’s seat.

Chassis and Suspension

The new Porsche Cayenne comes equipped with steel springs and adaptive dampers as standard, providing a balance between comfort and handling. The updated shock absorbers are designed to enhance overall comfort while improving the SUV’s handling characteristics compared to its predecessor. However, for those seeking even greater comfort and agility, an optional adaptive air suspension is available. This air suspension system further enhances ride comfort and reduces body lean during cornering. Furthermore, it can be configured for off-road driving, making the Cayenne capable of tackling rugged terrains.

Engine Performance

The entry-level Porsche Cayenne is powered by a 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 engine, delivering an impressive 353hp and 500Nm of torque. This represents a 13hp and 50Nm improvement over the previous model, resulting in enhanced performance.

For those who crave more power, the Cayenne S is the ideal choice. It ditches the V6 engine found in the previous Cayenne S in favor of a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. This powerhouse produces 474hp and 600Nm of torque, providing a thrilling driving experience. Acceleration from 0-60mph takes just 4.7 seconds, placing it on par with the BMW X7 M60i.

The new Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid offers an enticing option for those looking to reduce their fuel consumption. It utilizes the same 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 engine as the base model but incorporates an electric motor. This results in a combined power output of 470hp, and the inclusion of a larger battery pack allows for an impressive electric range of up to 56 miles. This represents more than double the range of the previous Cayenne E-Hybrid, making it an appealing choice for eco-conscious drivers.


With its comprehensive facelift, updated technology, and powerful engine options, the 2023 Porsche Cayenne is set to make a statement in the luxury SUV segment. Whether you prioritize performance, eco-friendliness, or cutting-edge technology, the Cayenne offers a range of models to suit your preferences. From the base V6 variant to the top-of-the-line Turbo E-Hybrid, the Cayenne delivers exhilarating performance combined with the comfort and luxury expected from a Porsche.

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