MG parent’s grand plan to boost Chinese exports, Australia included

1. Introduction

SAIC Motor, the parent company of MG and LDV brands, is making significant strides in expanding its vehicle exports to various markets, including Australia and Europe. With the aim of accelerating cross-sea development, SAIC Motor is set to introduce a fleet of all-new, ocean-going car carriers to transport its products. This article delves into SAIC Motor’s expansion plans, its overseas sales performance, and the exciting new products from MG and LDV.

2. SAIC Motor’s Expansion Plans

Growth of Vehicle Exports

SAIC Motor has been experiencing a rapid increase in vehicle exports, with a year-on-year growth of 45.9% in 2022. This Chinese automotive giant has been the top domestic car company for seven consecutive years and is set to break its own record this year. Between January and July, SAIC Motor exported an impressive 630,000 vehicles, including 135,000 MGs in Europe alone.

Introduction of All-New Car Carriers

To meet the growing demand for vehicle exports, SAIC Motor has taken delivery of the first of its planned 12 all-new car carriers. These liquefied natural gas-fueled carriers will be operated by SAIC’s Anji Logistics subsidiary, which is known as China’s largest automotive logistics operator. The first ship, capable of carrying 7600 SAIC Motor products, will be put into use next year. The new range of carriers will include even bigger vessels, with a capacity of up to 9000 cars per trip.

3. SAIC Motor’s Overseas Sales

Record-Breaking Exports

SAIC Motor’s overseas sales have surpassed a million vehicles in 2022 alone, highlighting the company’s strong international presence. With a commitment to supporting China’s independent brands, SAIC Motor also plans to offer exporting opportunities to other Chinese car manufacturers. This collaborative approach aims to boost the overall growth of the Chinese automotive industry.

Success in Australia

In Australia, both MG and LDV, distributed by different organizations, have achieved remarkable sales figures. MG has sold 32,039 units, experiencing a 16.4% growth, while LDV’s sales reached 12,624 units, marking an impressive 50.4% increase. When combining the sales of MG and LDV, SAIC Motor has become a top five player in the Australian market, surpassing Hyundai Australia.

4. MG’s New Products

MG, under SAIC Motor’s umbrella, has some exciting new products on the horizon. These include:

MG 4 Electric Hatch

MG has recently launched the sub-$40,000 MG 4 electric hatch, which offers a compelling electric option at an affordable price point. This model aims to cater to the increasing demand for electric vehicles while providing exceptional value for customers.

Cyberster Convertible

In addition to the MG 4 electric hatch, MG plans to launch the electric Cyberster convertible. This innovative model is designed to compete with the upcoming Porsche Boxster EV, targeting customers who seek a combination of style, performance, and sustainability.

Next-Gen MG 3 Hatchback

MG is also preparing to introduce a next-generation replacement for its popular MG 3 hatchback. With sleek design enhancements and advanced features, the new MG 3 aims to attract a wider range of customers, including those interested in luxury brands like Audi and BMW.

Luxury Products from IM Motors Sub-Brand

Expanding its offerings further, MG plans to challenge luxury brands like Audi and BMW with a range of high-end products from its IM Motors sub-brand. With negotiations underway, MG is confident in its ability to sell vehicles across a wide price range, potentially exceeding $100,000.

5. LDV’s Success in Australia

LDV, another brand under SAIC Motor, has also seen significant success in the Australian market. With a diverse range of vehicles, including the D90 SUV, MIFA people-mover, and various diesel and electric utes and vans, LDV has built a strong presence in the commercial vehicle segment.

Launch of Mid-Sized Van Model

LDV has plans to introduce an all-new mid-sized van model, catering to the needs of businesses and individuals looking for a versatile and reliable option. This new van model will also include an electric derivative called eDeliver 7, offering an eco-friendly alternative for customers.

Competition with Ford Transit Custom

LDV’s new mid-sized van model, including the electric variant, will directly compete with the popular Ford Transit Custom. By providing a compelling alternative, LDV aims to capture a significant portion of the market share in this segment.

6. Alternative Shipping Methods

SAIC Motor is not the only brand exploring alternative shipping methods to ensure a steady supply of vehicles to key markets. Ford Australia, for instance, has chartered a car carrier to address long wait lists and increase the availability of its vehicles, particularly the Rangers and Everests imported from Thailand.

7. Conclusion

SAIC Motor’s expansion plans and impressive overseas sales demonstrate its commitment to becoming a major player in the global automotive industry. With the introduction of all-new car carriers and a focus on exporting vehicles to various markets, SAIC Motor is poised for continued growth. Furthermore, the exciting new products from MG and LDV, including electric options and luxury offerings, showcase SAIC Motor’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. As the automotive landscape evolves, SAIC Motor and its brands are well-positioned to thrive and compete with established players in the market.

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