Mercedes EQG: The Evolution of an Iconic Off-Roader

Mercedes EQG: The Evolution of an Iconic Off-Roader


Mercedes-Benz has long been known for its luxurious vehicles, but as the world shifts towards electric mobility, the brand is adapting its lineup to include electric vehicles (EVs). One iconic model that is set to undergo this transformation is the Mercedes G-Class, also known as the G-Wagon. The company is currently working on the Mercedes EQG, an all-electric version of the beloved off-roader. In this article, we’ll explore the confirmed details about the upcoming EQG and what makes it unique in the electric vehicle market.

The Familiar Exterior

One of the most striking aspects of the Mercedes EQG is its exterior design. The first-ever EQG seamlessly combines modern and sleek elements with the classic boxy silhouette of the G-Class. While it may not come as a surprise that the EQG retains the iconic shape, Mercedes-Benz has added some futuristic touches to give it a distinct yet familiar look. The front grille, for example, features smaller openings compared to the traditional G-Class, and the squared-off rear spare tire housing from the Concept EQG is also present. These design details are expected to carry over to the facelifted version of the standard G-Class as well, showcasing the EQG’s influence on the entire lineup.

A Glimpse into the Future

According to Dr. Emerich Schiller, head of the G-Class business unit at Mercedes-Benz, the upcoming facelifted G-Class will adopt some aesthetic and aerodynamic changes inspired by the EQG. While these changes may not be immediately noticeable to the average customer, they have a significant impact on the car’s aerodynamics. This demonstrates Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to continuously improve the G-Class while preserving its timeless appeal.

Powerful Electric Performance

To match the capabilities of the ICE-powered G-Class, the Mercedes EQG will be equipped with a powerful set of electric motors. The quad-motor setup, with one motor on each wheel, enables the EQG to deliver impressive performance both on and off the road. In addition to providing ample power, this configuration also allows the EQG to perform tank turns, a feature that enables the vehicle to rotate in place. This capability, combined with the three lockable differentials, ensures that the EQG retains the legendary off-road prowess of its predecessor.

Innovative Battery Technology

The Mercedes EQG will feature advanced battery technology to support its electric powertrain. One notable innovation is the use of a silicon anode battery chemistry, which offers higher energy density compared to traditional graphite-based anodes. This allows the EQG to achieve a range comparable to the ICE-powered G-Class, despite its boxy shape and increased weight. The adoption of this new battery technology demonstrates Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle performance.

The Future of the G-Class

The Mercedes EQG is not intended to replace the G-Class entirely, but rather to offer an electric alternative for customers who desire a sustainable and eco-friendly off-roading experience. The current G-Class will continue production until Q1 2024, after which the facelifted model, influenced by the EQG’s design, will take its place. The upcoming facelift will introduce subtle changes to the G-Class, focusing on aesthetic enhancements and improved aerodynamics.

Release Date and Expectations

Excitement is building as the release date for the Mercedes EQG draws nearer. Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that the EQG is slated for release in 2024, allowing eager customers to experience the electrified version of this iconic off-roader. As with any highly anticipated vehicle, there are certain expectations that the EQG must meet to satisfy its loyal fan base. It must not only offer impressive endurance for tackling the toughest terrains but also deliver a range that meets the demands of real-world on- and off-road conditions.

Competition: The Hummer EV SUV

The Mercedes EQG is set to compete with the Hummer EV SUV, another highly anticipated electric off-roader. Both vehicles share similar characteristics and aims, combining luxury with off-road capabilities and the aerodynamic challenges of a boxy design. The EQG’s quad-motor setup and tank turning capabilities make it a formidable rival to the Hummer EV SUV. It remains to be seen how these two vehicles will fare against each other in the growing market for electric SUVs.


The Mercedes EQG represents an exciting evolution of the iconic G-Class, demonstrating Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to electric mobility without compromising the off-road capabilities that have made the G-Wagon a legend. With its familiar yet futuristic design, powerful electric performance, and innovative battery technology, the EQG is poised to become a sought-after electric SUV. As the release date approaches, enthusiasts and adventure-seekers alike eagerly anticipate the opportunity to experience the sustainable luxury of the Mercedes EQG.

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