Mercedes AMG GT-R 2019 Review

No doubt, the GT-R is one of the best track cars after all, especially when it comes to the way it rides on the bumpy roads.Let’s explore in further details!

It indeed exists and gets as delightful as the flatsixes sound of Porsche. As it borrows a name from the Godzilla-like car in Japan, the GT R this time features a unique emotional pull that could make the owner furrowed his brows.

AMG design 

As it comes to the look of AMG, we can tell that its design follows the function while the function also supports the design. It’s why the model owns a distinct look that is hard to find from other versions. Most elements within it are dedicated to the advanced driving dynamics. Greater than thought, the design of the AMG GTR symbolizes both hotness and coolness.

Aside from the strongly sculpted body and other components, the grille is an actual eye-catcher. That’s because this special feature arrives from the world’s motorsport. If encountering it for the first time, it’s easy to spot a more V-shaped arrow-like look right in the front end. The front fascia has a brand new appearance that features a jet-wing design, which is meant to emphasize the width of the car.

Its badass performance 

GT R is indeed a fantastic performer once kicking off with the engine. It’s just another member of the AMG V8 family, which means a fierce acceleration. But what’s greater than that is how it can hit 60 miles for each hour within 3.5 seconds! Not similar to other powerful competitors like the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, it’s quite facile to control.

Also, there will be no inquiry that the rear tires of the GT R would ever put down each ounce of power. For the reason, getting up the speed is just a matter of smashing the linear throttle. It’s all ready for the upcoming challenge, and often ready to produce more. Just click on the start button, and you’ll see the turbo engine that is equipped with the lubrication springs into real life.

To be honest, this model represents the core of the entire brand, particularly when it comes to its driving performance in a special way. Back to its debut about 4 years ago, it didn’t just turn all heads of the clients and car enthusiasts but also made brand new dimensions in such a competitive background.

For those who ask me what’s it like to drive this car; well, it handles quite well with all kinds of compressions. However, it owns a great tendency to go through any sharp bump and crest, particularly as you’re speeding too hard. You can feel it if it’s a slight rise or fall in the car engine when its rear tyres start to struggle for traction.

Adjustability is a big plus

No doubt, adjustability is claimed to be the strength of the GT-R version’s personality. It’s all about the height-controllable coil-over springs at each corner, which enables for all perky tweaks.

Apparently, most GT R owners are quite ambitions, and for that reason, both chassis and powertrain reaction of the car can be changed among 5 drive modes: Comfort, Individual, Sport, Sport Plus, and Race. Don’t miss using the buttons used for the dampers, manual gear change lockout, exhaust, and stability control. It enables fine-tuning merely within a certain mode.

And just spend one hour sitting here, you’ll finally find out that braking will be the GT-R’s best asset. Not only that, but braking also allows you to brake while turning, which is known as the unique technique that Schneider already proved and advertised. The presence of the rear-wheel steering, which appear to work great and accordingly with the faster-ratio rack-up front.

It’s believed to help relieve all the front tires of a few of the turning work at one particular time once they need it the most. That happens during your heavy braking. The rear wheels tend to turn opposite to the fronts and on top of that speed, they just turn in the similar direction. And for those who are wondering about the adjustable traction control, it’s mainly run by switching off the stability control.

Technical highlights not to miss 

Right beneath that skin are several trick parts that are made from the amazingly lightweight materials. Carbon fibre is mainly utilized for the torque tube while magnesium is used for the front texture.

However, according to the owners, the most visible changes here would be the design of the bodywork. By utilizing a great combination of carbon fibre and aluminium, both of the front and rear wings have been stretched out by 46mm and 57mm. Like the GT3 model, the nose here receives a grille at the front end – it has the vertical fins like those of the GT3.

Another great news is that the rear wheel steer system is considered as the first for a particular AMG model. Also, what you’ll love here is the 9-way traction control that will be adjusted through one yellow rotary button right on the dashboard. Though it looks a bit strange until you love the fact that it’s quite the same as that available in the GT3 racing model.

Let’s work way through the familiar suite of driving modes mentioned above to tailor every engine reaction, transmission features, and damping through Sport, Comfort, Race+, Race, and Individual modes.

Other noticeable highlights not to miss are the lightweight aluminium wheels and the ceramic composite braking network. This features the 402mm front discs and 360mm rear discs; more than that, it provides much longer service life than we thought.

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