Ferrari California T, The Opening For The Era Of Turbocharging

Meta: We have a chance to enjoy a speed party with the Ferrari California T- the car that opened a new era for Ferrari – the era of turbocharging.

With a sophisticated, modern design and pure Ferrari performance, Ferrari California T is an interesting option to consider for people who love super sports cars.
This is a Grand Tourer, so it is easy to understand when the Ferrari California T is equipped with quite a lot of luxury gadgets. It’s an entertainment information system with a 7-inch touchscreen, which supports Apple CarPlay.

More delicate and more modern in design

The F40 is one of Ferrari’s most beloved supercar, partly because of its design and performance, but also because it is the last product which Enzo Ferrari directly supervised the manufacturing process. With the F40, what made it the remarkable was the turbocharged V8 engine, which never seemed to belong to the Ferrari world. The Ferrari California T is the same.

California’s role is similar to Mercedes-Benz S-Class: becoming the pioneer of a range of new technologies. Ferrari California T is the first generation was Ferrari’s first-generation V8 engine, dual-clutch gearboxes, direct fuel injection technology, multi-point rear suspension, and a foldable hardtop hood.

With California T version. Ferrari Tactical Engineers have deftly applied some flair details on the F12 Berlinetta to the California T to create a more aggressive and sportier appearance for the “cheapest” Grand Tourer model.

All body panels, including door panels, are redesigned, except for the hardtop. At the top of the car, the lenticular face is more rigid with chrome-plated details and black paint, making the visual contrast quite interesting.

The size of the luminaire is also much larger than the previous generation and is placed lower, combined with two air intakes on either side, creating the extremely low-end Ferrari. In addition to that, two LED headlamps with square flashes than the first generation California, combined with daytime vertical position LED illumination lining the Ferrari California T.

The front wheel arches are much more upright than the bonnet, combined with two heat sinks in the middle of the bonnet to give the Ferrari California T a muscular look. Besides. Also, the design was inspired by the legendary 250 Testa Rossa.

Royal and luxury interior

California T interior is generally not too different from the previous generation, but some highlights are enough to bring freshness and attraction. The steering wheel is sophisticated with a series of buttons similar to the 488 GTB. All functions such as turn signal lights, headlights, rain gutters, even the engine button, and the damping button are located on the front of the steering wheel.

The Manettino knob is located in the lower right-hand corner. On the California T, however, you only have Comfort, Sport, and ESC Off modes.

Following the Ferrari tradition, the dashboard of California T is quite simple and easy to understand. In the middle is a clock with a mechanical clock face painted yellow. The right-hand motor clock shows the speed of the car with quite different steps, from 20 to 50 then 80, 110 km / h. On the left is a color screen displaying the other operating parameters.

California T is Ferrari’s first vehicle supporting this connectivity feature and is also one of the first commercially available cars with Apple CarPlay, alongside some of Mercedes-Benz and Volvo current models.

Almost all of the cabins are covered in premium semi-aniline leather, soft and smooth, as well as remains color durable. The two front seats of California T have a backbone design and supports efficiently. They are very smooth, but not as hard as the Lamborghini Huracan. The front seats are also electrically adjustable, which remember the location and heating.

The rear tire is covered by a hardtop when you open the hood, but it’s still fairly spacious enough to carry some personal belongings for a two-person street run.

Powerful engine

Ferrari California T equips the new V8 engine which has a displacement of 3855 cc, which has a twin loader and a maximum output of 560 hp at 7,500 rpm. The maximum torque is 755 Nm at 4,750 rpm. These parameters are completely superior to the first natural gas-powered V8 in California model.

The new 3.9-liter engine is 40 mm lower than the older 4.3-liter engine, which significantly reduces the vehicle’s center of gravity, making California T more stable and faster cornering. With this turbocharged engine, one of Ferrari’s key goals is to make it look like a conventional gas engine for sound and accelerator pedals.

The most addictive on a Ferrari California T is the steering feel. The two front wheels are not responsible for the steering, so it is extremely fast and airy. Be sure to follow the driver’s instructions. The power steering is very fast and accurate. It steers the left side a little more than two laps and gives a good feel for the road, so the driver can confidently put the car in the desired trajectory.

Press the button to open the bonnet and only 14 seconds later; you can enjoy the sound of a warm and powerful exhaust while enjoying the cool air around you and feeling like you are driving a convertible.


The standard Ferrari California T equipment includes 4-zone automatic air conditioning and touchpad MMI navigation system.

Meanwhile, the windshield information display, high-end Bang & Olufsen sound system, night vision support and adaptive cruise control are optional.

Operating factors

Audi has just boosted the V8 TFSI petrol engine and the 4.0 capacity of the Ferrari California T through the new Performance version.

Specifically, the above engine block can now produce a maximum capacity of 596 horsepower and maximum torque of 700 Nm. If the driver activates power boost mode, the engine will generate a temporary peak torque of 750 Nm.

As a result, the new Ferrari California T can accelerate from 0-96 km/h in 3.7 seconds and achieved the top speed of 305 km/h even though the vehicle weighs 1,905 kg.
Tire size of this new version is 275/30. Besides, there are four optional standard ventilated or carbon-ceramic disc brakes.

The engine continues to be equipped with a cylinder shutdown system according to user demand (COD). As a result, the engine can only run on four cylinders to save fuel. Specifically, the Ferrari California T consumes an average fuel of 9.5 litres/100 km.


In conclusion, the Ferrari California T is the pioneer of a series of new technologies, and it is sure that California T will bring the ultimate experience for drivers.

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