The Toyota’s self-driving car in the future

Two future self-driving concept cars are introduced by Toyota Boshoku at CES 2019 in last January. The first concept of Toyota car named ACES (Active Comfort Engaging Space), was designed for self-driving vehicles of level 4. This is not the highest self-driving option, so there is still no steering wheel installed. However, what ACES expressed … Read more

Toyota launched a super-self-driving car at CES 2019

This model was developed on the Lexus LS platform, new and fully automated. At CES 2019, Toyota Research Institute will demonstrate the prototype P4, a high-tech vehicle equipped with new self-propelled technology. P4 has two separate autonomous modes: Guardian and Chauffeur. Toyota presented the CES 2019, including more torque, horsepower and speed to one of … Read more

Toyota Land Cruiser 2020 will use new engines and gearboxes

The twin-turbo V6 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission will appear on the Toyota Land Cruiser and the new Lexus LX, according to Best Car. The current Toyota Land Cruiser generation has been available since 2008, meaning that over the past decade, there has been no significant upgrade. This makes customers suffer a lot. Because compared … Read more

Toyota Tacoma 2020 launched with upgraded appearance and technology

Toyota’s off-road trend is heavily focused on the 2020 version when most of its launches are off-road upgraded, including the Tacoma mid-size pickup. Toyota has introduced the Tacoma 2020 pickup at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show. The overall design of the 2020 version is not much different from the 2019 version. However, some minor changes … Read more