Bugatti Divo 2019 Review: Love It or Hate It?


The Divo version is depicted as a more unique spinoff of the Bugatti’s Chiron supercars. According to the creator, they won’t add more power to the intense quad-turbocharged W-16 engine at all, but turning the whole concentration to handling instead. Just dive in to read how it can impress the owners.


If you look closely here, it’s easy to detect a prominent difference in style with the Chiron in the way that it wear less aggressive metal sheet. All the lines of the Divo appear more sinister, making it look cooler than ever! Though it’s true that the Divo shares a lot of mechanicals with the Chiron, we still love this monster especially with its sculpted bodywork that makes the car look like a real exotic supercar.

Several of its new design elements are assessed to be pretty functional, such as the extra air inlets in the front, the bigger rear spoiler that can act as an air brake, or the fin along the center of Divo body.

Unique Interior 

Yes, what we should agree that the interior of the Divo this time is gorgeous when being added with a few amazing touches. Actually, these are some kinds of appealing trim pieces, which is worth at such a high price tag ($5.8 million). However, if paying attention to the design, you’ll see that the interior doesn’t seem to change much in the sense of shape.

Just a few elements set the supercar apart. First, its seats own a brand new design offering a much greater lateral support. Second, its steering wheel is partially wrapped with Alcantara and featuring bigger shift paddles. Third, it’s going to be the central console armrest that is way bigger for the driver’s much improved comfort.

The Dico shares the same design right from the door panels to the central console as well as the dashboard. But apparently, what makes it unique is the way Bugatti dressed up all of the materials inside. For example, while the Chiron is covered mostly in leather, then the Divo impresses others with its doses of Alcantara in two tones.

Fancy exterior 

As I first saw Divo car online, I had so many conflicting thoughts from that moment. While I truly fell in love with Divo and went actually wow, I remained a bit puzzled and surprised.

Many of the Divo’s exterior changes can satisfy any aerodynamic purpose while other design factors are just the groups of fancy. Look at its rear grille, it’s made up of the 3D-printed fins while the headlights are totally different than any supercar. They come with a little horizontal LED strip that can act as the real headlight and a daytime running light.

Now the monster Divo is only available in just one color scheme: blue with the titanium liquid silver. It gleams brightly and beautifully in the sun that easily catches the eyes of any beholder. Also, right below the Divo logo, you can see a four-square organ pipe exhausts, and then out to the sides, there’s our favorite element: The tail-light designs.


The use of much lighter materials, including the wheels with some body panels succeeds in contributing more to the supercar’s 77-pound lighter curb weight.

Without a doubt, the Divo version is truly a mean machine! But since Bugatti made the car with bend corners instead of blowing through the straight-line runs, it doesn’t mean that it’s slow. The additional aerodynamics can contribute to 198 pounds of the downforce, which can raise up to 1005 pounds.

And needless to say, the car looks amazingly cool and you can tell that it’s one of the most agile monsters you’ve ever seen on the track only by watching it. Bugatti avoided the potato-on-wheels look that irritated both the Chiron and Veyron.


Due to the amazing downforce and intense aerodynamics, Bugatti has limited the Divo’s speed at only 236 mph. It tends to hit 62 miles per hour within 2.4 seconds.

So for the top speed of the Divo, it reaches 25 mph lower than Chiron’s. Thus, Bugatti won’t mean to set any speed record with this car. However, according to Bugatti, it claims that the car can go around the Nardo handling circuit in Italy 8 seconds faster. What a massive boost Bugatti did!

That’s because the brand focused on boosting the car’s cornering dynamics through the updates on the chassis and raise the camber. Not only the additional downforce, the aerodynamic body, but also the lighter curb weight and upgraded brakes contribute all to this. Besides, both of the suspension and steering have been made to offer more straightforward response and sportier manner in every model.

And as I said above, the tires and 1550-hp quad-turbo W-16 engine are not changed, the Divo still benefits from its extra wheel camber, steering, and driving modes that consist of the Autobahn, EB, and handling settings.

Cooler than anything is that the Divo model successfully revived the coachbuilding program of Bugatti. And once again, this is just something that should have occurred ten years ago. So we hope that the Divo could mark the startup of a new era. It will bring the superb track cars with Bugatti badges and more customized bodies.


Overall, the Bugatti Divo is supposed to be more unique than the Chron when Bugatti plans to release just 40 copies, and it’s hard for you to get one. How come? That’s because they’ve been already sold to 40 wealthy people.

Also, the idea behind the DIvo is a great one that Bugatti should have used over 10 years ago. It was the same time that it released the Veyron. While it owned the intense horsepower rating with the record-breaking speed, Veyron was evaluated to suck as a track car. It was a bit heavy, so lacking aerodynamics and the reliability, especially as it comes to the tires.

How about the Chiron? It’s not any different because being still heavy and only marginally faster than the predecessor. And even compared to other hypercars of McLaren, the Chiron can’t be a match for the competition on the track.

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