AUDI R8 – Supercar Breaking All Limits

Meta: Audi R8 is a sporty, luxury, two-seater, mid-engined sports car manufactured by Audi AG, Germany since 2006.


The R8 is Audi’s supercar. It is a marvelous sports car, available V8 and V10 form. There are two versions of R8: the R8 Coupe (hardback) and the R8 Spyder soft convertible (convertible).

Design and styling of Audi R8

The exterior of the Audi R8 is a very attractive design. The R8 V10 Coupe is equipped full LED headlights and taillights with dynamic turn signals. There are essential parts of the marvelous design of the Audi R8.

The headlamps are located to merge seamlessly with the front section of the Audi R8, artfully placed above the air vents and below the curved-front fenders. The horizontal shape of the taillights ensures good visibility and the progressive movement of the dynamic taillights from the inside out helps to raise awareness.

Also, the Audi R8 V10 coupe is also equipped Air inlets at the front and behind. Specifically, the air intakes under the LED headlights draw in air to cool the brake discs. At the rear, the air coming out of the vents below the taillights also plays a role in cooling.

3D Singleframe grille is put in front of the Audi R8 V10 with a honeycomb pattern. The car which is without 3D Singleframe grille is not Audi. It can be said that the 3D Singleframe grille is the signature of the Audi. On the Audi R8, the Singleframe occupies a prominent, low and important position.

Let’s talk about the exterior of 2018 Audi R8 V10 Spyder. This is called a breath of fast air. This line of product assembles Aluminum-optic engine vent covers with two parallel fan motors run along the length of the engine hood. The aluminum look of the vents fits into the windshield frame and adds a special touch to the stunning design of the R8 V10 Spyder.

The roof of the Audi R8 V10 Spyder can be raised and lowered down while moving. Made from special aeroacoustic material, the roof can keep interior noise low when it is closed.

Interior – designed to control your excitement

The Audi R8 helps you to feel a sense of purpose. Behind the wheel of the Audi R8, the customers will feel like they are racing driver. All functions are driver-oriented and allow to operate easily even when reaching limits.

With the Audi R8 V10, the enhanced support of the sports seats helps to stay in place, and the competition-inspired steering wheel is your direct control in the turns. Your forward view is very similar to that of a large, unobstructed LMS R8 driver, so you can easily see the next peak.

Also, the Monoposto cockpit and dashboard in the wing design helps drivers to keep focus directly in front of them. The arches begin at the sides of the driver’s seat and cover the virtual cockpit and steering wheel of Audi R8.

In addition to leather seats and leather steering wheel, the Diamond Stitch leather package is available with the addition of a Fine Nappa leather surface to the airbag cover, control panel, control panel face, door panel, rear compartment, and two sides. The central part of the chair is also completed in a stitched diamond pattern.

The Audi R8 has also equipped automatic climate control and Alcantara headliner. The climate control is right at a size so that it takes enough space on the dashboard. It displays mode, temperature and fan speed. Drivers need to twist the silver outer ring to find desire mode. The headliner has a unique texture and covers the headliner of the Audi R8.


Engines and powertrains are exceptional areas of performance at Audi. The four-ring brand has played a crucial pioneering role in many technical areas – from TDI and TSFI to transmission technologies and Quattro permanent all-wheel drive.

Audi knows that: The blink of an eye separates winning from losing. Hide under the captivating curve of the Audi R8 is the foundation of a racer. The 5.2 liter V10 FSI in the Audi R8 makes its natural strength, no forced induction. An improved dual injection system combines direct injection and indirect injection to help provide rapid throttling.

The seven-speed S Tronic transmission rarely passes a nanosecond between transmissions and is calibrated in its sportier automatic modes to keep the lower gear very focused.

In a conventional engine design, the oil pan is placed under the engine block. By using a dry sump oil system that removes the sump, the engine can be placed lower to improve the center of gravity of the Audi R8 and improve performance.

About running costs

In a conventional engine design, the oil pan is placed under the engine block. By using a dry sump oil system that removes the sump, the engine can be placed lower to improve the center of gravity of the Audi R8 and improve performance.

The position of the Audi R8 is also meaningful for the Volkswagen Group. Each brand of 911 Carrera is cheaper while the Huracán much more expensive.

Running costs also do not matter because the Audi R8 has CO2 emissions of 287 g / km and a combined fuel saving of 23.0 amps. And this also demonstrates that the Audi R8 is friendly with the environment.


With stylish looks, powerful engine, The Audi R8 makes sure that it can satisfy all supercar enthusiasts even tough ones.

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