2019 Mercedes-Benz S650 Pullman Maybach

Meta: Mercedes isn’t a stranger to the high-end luxury cars, and the 2019 Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Maybach is one of my favorites and the greatest choices till now.

As claimed by its manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz S650 Pullman Maybach of 2019 is the shiny monster comes as the most luxurious and well-equipped as well as outstanding S-class car than ever! And I bet that you’ll love it if you’re the person who needs extra protection with such a lavish style. Just check it out right now to see if it’s as good as they claim!

What to love about it?

No doubt, the luxurious Mercedes-Maybach version gains its amazing updates by just following the refreshing features from the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. It’s surprisingly stuffed with sufficient trimmings as well.

Greater than that, it’s claimed to bring you the great pleasure on the track. Some highlighted features consist of one pair of the king-class rear seats while the jump seats are for the assistants or bodyguards.

Maybe it’s nothing to you but for the owners, the Pullman Maybach is exactly the proof that they’re way better than the rest of others. For Mercedes, it acts as a proof that the brand that has tripped over its champagne with the Maybach experiment.

Better than that, it’s also considered as the most lately, expensive, longest, and most exclusive S-Class available in the stretched Pullman models. Apparently, it shows off a brand new radiator grille that is inspired by the Vision Maybach 6 coupe.  And now Mercedes Maybach brings it to life as an epitome of the Mercedes luxury. So it means that you will more space, and it works well for those who want their car to be bulletproof or resistant to the armor-piercing.

No doubt, the Pullman Guard has been specially made and developed together with the unique protection and offers the similar dimensions in this 6.5-meter-long saloon.

Its powertrain

Unlike the rumor, Pullman won’t ever arrive with an additional point of galley slaves. The motivation would be from the 6.0-liter V-12 that is strapped with 2 specific turbochargers.

Contrary to rumor, the Pullman does not come with a complement of galley slaves. Rather, motivation comes from a hulking 6.0-liter V-12 strapped with two turbochargers and good for 630 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of torque.

Besides, we must thank the 100 hp plus 170 Nm addition over the previously lively Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman model. How come? That’s because this refreshed model this time is capable of running from 0 to 100km/h within only 6.5 seconds.

Interior & Exterior 

Inside you will find every luxury that is expected from Mercedes-Maybach brand. All seats are designed to be reclining and feature the calf supports while the glass partition between the cockpit is electrochromic. Also, this type of limousine owns the option of 2-tone paint finishes, but the wheels in 10-hole structure still remains. This is probably because the Pullman client base are the conservative people.

Besides, the loudspeaker and the intercom would enable you to contact the outside until its twin-turbo V12 can whisk the owner to the highest safety. As for the outside look, the paint hues come up with the similar two-tone finishes on the Maybach S-Class. A lot of customization choices are made here if you love to mix it up much further.

Just step into the cabin, where you’ll find a club lounge layout on par with the stunning luxury hotels out there. Also, as many as four passengers would find the accommodations. In fact, there are many standard features making the Pullman itself a great number of comfort. For the interior color combinations, the model offers some unique shades, such as the mahogany brown, silk beige and magma grey. 

Now the clients and Mercedes enthusiasts can place their orders for this 2019 Mercedes-Maybach Pullman which kicks off at $618,000 at the most recent exchange rates.

Face-to-face seating 

Reaching the maximum comfort is what we can say about Mercedes this time, especially as it’s offered by the power-supported opening and closing trait of the rear doors. Thus, these are quite handy to open and close at the same time. It features 4-passenger rear compartment of the limousine and two executive seats that face the travelling direction and two rear-facing seats.

For the legroom, the Pullman indeed provides the owners the most spacious room in the segment alongside the long list of standard tool.

Now look back to the rear passenger region, which is known as the face-to-face seating area. This is quite essential for any minister or president (I mean the important figure) to travel in the highest possible comfort. It’s just where he or she feels pleased to sit across their interpret or the VIP guest.

Look back to the rear compartment, which is divided by the region of the driver by one electrically-run partition. Another great feature is its front view camera that can help you observe the whole traffic in front of the car even when that partition display gets closed. For those who don’t know, the S650 model has the 2-cabin sound feature that can provide more exclusivity than ever thanks all to the separate control for both front and rear compartments.

Its integrated protection

Well, the paranoid Mercedes clients maybe love to get the smaller but still big standard Maybach. And the model really offers the ballistic protection, which is believed to offer the sedan more ability to take those hardened-steel rounds from the rival. More than that, the model this time owns the similar level of explosion protection as the previous one. 

Apparently, there’s plenty of protection in the doors that Maybach offer the electric motors for the aim of supporting anyone who operates them.

If you are a huge fan of Mercedes-Benz, you should not ignore it

As planned, the Mercedes-Benz Maybach is available at dealers in Germany and other countries in the world.

The starting price of this updated version in the German market is priced at least 121,700 Euro. So well, it will be a huge amount of money that you have to prepare!

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